FK Bennhard is singer/song writer known as a viral video on youtube cover ethnic version (javanese language) of “Dia dia dia – Fatin Sidqia” and became a guest star on Fatinistic For Fatin 4 concert in Jakarta, 2016. She was born on 10 june, 1987, in Surabaya, Indonesia. By the early 2012s, she had begun to find sucess by being a hijab model on HijabRevolution Kompas TV. She also build a huge community named StarWannabe. She got invited on Masterpiece Ahmad Dhani, A TV Program airing by RCTI ,with her comunity member. In 2014, she step her feet on a singing competition and she was one of the big 50 Indonesian Finalist Online Audition Asia’s Got Talent. in 2015, surprisingly, she got invited to Jakarta to attend Bukan Indonesian Idol Award. This time she was being nominated along with a variouls talented singer such as Citra Utami (Indonesian winner of MLTR duet and winner of Asia Bagus), Rob Setiko, Bagus Bhaskara (Nez Academy) and also jazz senior singer Nita Jonteque. She won in 2 category: The Most Favourite singer 2015 and The Best Western Cover Song Female Version. in 2016, she launch her debut single “Galau 6 Bulan” and achieve the number 1 top chart Majazine. 2017, she launched her new single “Seikat Bunga Layu” and finally release the karaoke version on Smule for the first time. at hte end of 2017, she has joinede a singing competion IM+ Fest together with DJ Voola on Inspira TV and run for the big 10 finalist. Nowow, she ready to release her new single featuring DJ Voola “aku bisa” an EDM music with postive message for her listeners to keep on fighting to reach their dream.

About single

  1. Galau 6 Bulan

is a song that tells about daily love story, a confusion of a teenage girl who was left with no goodbye by someone she loved for 6 months. She try to deal with it but she keep on curious about what’s going on with him.

  1. Seikat Bunga Layu

Is a song that tells about a girl who want to confess her love to someone she loves, but unfortunately, the guy didn’t attend to the place they deal with. So she feels sad. And then she just back hopeless, but surprizingly the man she loves appear to confess his love to her.

  1. Aku bisa

is a song that motivate all the listeners to fight for their dream. Sometimes when you want to reach your dream, there are a lot of boulder block your path. She wrote this song as a fight song for her and everyone who listen it. Never ever give up.