#LebihIndahDariRealita: Release Party for the “Sudah Terlambat” @WestJamnation


Back from their hibernation, Westjamnation releases their “Sudah Terlambat” music video taken from their first album using the Double Exposure technique.

After a period of radio silence, Westjamnation have been making a return to the stages for about six months now. Formed in 2014, managerial issues had left the band in hiatus. The recent addition of a new management team has brought a fresh stream of ideas to move forward.

An expression of feelings that failed to be conveyed in time resulted in a song titled “Sudah Terlambat” (Too Late). The composition formed through the combination of simple guitar melodies courtesy of Rifki Afsari and the distinct vocals of Jati Andito have made this number a clear choice for a video clip treatment as an offer to the public.

Westjamnation experimentd with the double exposure technique for their first music video. “This technique combines two or more images through the manipulation of exposure modes of the two images into one composition,” says Rifki Afsari, the guitarist who also directed the music video.

This musical unit formed in West Java uses sign language as a different form of communication method. The play in colors which serves as a painting of one’s feelings also serves as an element that enriches the visualization. “Through this double exposure technique we combine the song, the sign language movements and visual art in one audiovisual medium,” Rifki adds.

The production of this audiovisual work is largely achieved through the help of Mufi as model and Atenk as the visual artist. Mufi, is an interior designer and a dancer actively involved in Gerkatin Kepemudaan, the youth arm for Movement for the Welfare of Deaf Indonesian, as well as Inclusive Musical Theaters. She is deaf and uses sign language in daily communication. While Atenk through the use of an overhead projector (OHP) manages to produce mesmerizing psychedelic colors.

The celebration for the release Westjamnation’s first video clip will be held on Monday, February 12th at Paviliun 28, Jalan Petogogan 1 No.25, Jakarta Selatan. Along with Westjamnation there will also be performances by Gabriel Mayo, MJ & The Carousel, and Nitja.

“We hope that the release of the Sudah Terlambat video clip will allow more people to appreciate our works,” says Jati Andito, the vocalist and guitarist of Westjamnation.

Westjamnation is a music collective formed since 2014 and have released a self-titled mini album in the middle of 2015. “Sudah Terlambat” is one of the numbers included in the album.