MGMT “Hand It Over”


Melanjuti petualangan bermusik untuk album ke-4, duo indie pop asal Middletown, Amerika Serikat MGMT kembali memperkenalkan single barunya berjudul Hand It Over yang diperkenalkan MGMT melalui layanan musik digital.

Hand It Over sendiri merupakan single kedua untuk album ke-4 dengan tajuk Little Dark Age yang akan dirilis pada bulan Februari 2018. Berbeda dengan single sebelumnya When You Die, single Hand It Over terasa lebih santai. Terakhir kali MGMT sendiri merilis album self-titled pada tahun 2013.

Sumber Sony Music Indonesia*



The deals we made to shake things up
And the rights that they abused
Might just fuck us over
But the doors won’t shut
Until they’re sure there’s nothing left to use
Someone’s taking over
Threw it away, but now I say
It’s time to hand it over

The joke’s worn thin, the king stepped in
Now we’ll see who is who
Look who’s bending over
But the stars weren’t wrong, the time felt right
We both knew it was true
The smart ones exit early
And the rest hope for a shoulder

If we lose our touch, it won’t mean much
If everyone’s confused
Which door do we open?
It’s the same old trick, they played their hand
Now there’s one thing to left to do

[Chorus 1]
This time (Hand it over)
It’s yours and it’s mine (Hand it over)
One thing on my mind (Hand it over)
It’s rightfully mine (Hand it over)
In the dark (Hand it over)
What’s yours is mine (Hand it over)
Mm, make it right (Hand it over)
And give me what’s mine (Hand it over)

[Chorus 2]
Oh, this time (Hand it over)
It’s yours and mine (Hand it over)
Hey, it’s time to hand it over
Just give me what’s mine (Hand it over)
Mm, anytime (Hand it over)
It’s yours and it’s mine (Hand it over)
Oh, I need time (Hand it over)
No, no, it’s rightfully mine (Hand it over)
Oh, anytime